Albion Apostolic Church



Pastor Bradley & Sister Danell Geans

Pastor & Sister Geans married in December of 1994. Together they have two sons and two daughter in-laws one grandson and one granddaughter. They were Youth Pastors, evangelized and faithfully served in the Edwardsburg MI. Church until taking Pastorship over AAC. Pastor & Sister Geans have been faithfully leading, and guiding our church in the truth, with grace, love, and a growth mindset since July of 2016. Using their time and talents for the Kingdom. You will always find them working for the kingdom. Building, Creating, Counseling, Encouraging! Preaching his heart out for his flock! Teaching Bible studies! Leading souls to a deeper relationship with Christ. Sister Geans is an amazing support! Always greets you with a smile and a kind heart! Giving and serving daily! They are such a blessing to us! 

Youth Leaders Ryland & Demi Geans

Ryland and Demi currently serve as our youth leaders! They create such fun activities, trips, youth prayer meetings, and youth nights for our youth to enjoy! Helping them not only grow in relationships with each other but stronger relationships with God. You will see them serving in many areas of the church! They are both praise singers. Married in April 2020 serving together at AAC since.

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Rev. Philip & Leah Rowe

Philip & Leah currently serve as Promotions Directors at AAC. You will also see Philip on the bass or leading service. Leah is a musician/worship leader you will see her on the organ or piano. She is also a Sunday School Teacher ages 9-12 Web Design is something she loves to do for AAC. Married in September of 2003. They have three children who also serve as praise singers and musicians.

Sister Marisa Trevino

Sister Marisa led us in worship and song for 20 plus years! She served faithfully both under her father Bishop Benny Archer and Pastor Geans. She led with both talent and anointing. She has helped many musicians and singers develop their talents over the years.  

Jared & Rachel Wilson

Jared and Rachel are our Young Married Leaders. Creating fun date nights and get togethers for the young couples of AAC. Serving in many areas of our church. Rachel is a praise singer. Jared runs our sound, and you will see him on the drums too. Married in October of 2003. They have three children who also serve in the church as musicians and singers.